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Anne Schmidt, Blu Design Shop

Anne Schmidt, Founder + Designer

I'm a creative director, graphic designer and entrepreneur. I graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Labor Studies and Employment Relations but always found myself being pulled into the creative and design world.

My professional career started at a marketing firm in Washington D.C., where part of my responsibilities involved creative design for marketing and grassroots advocacy projects. From there, I moved on to become the General Manager of one of the Pottery Barn stores in Madison, WI, where I developed an award winning sense of customer service, I dabbled in recruiting and HR and have won awards for being a team player and going above and beyond.

My next journey led me to create and sell stationery.  Shortly thereafter, I was asked by a photographer in California who saw my work to create a logo and website for her. I became obsessed with branding and web design, and the rest is history.

I have since added over 60 clients to my portfolio. The stationery business I once had very easily transitioned from creating stationery for consumers, to creating stationery and branding systems for businesses; and, our focus - our niche - has become working with start-up companies and/or smaller companies, locally and nationally.

I offer logo, branding and web design options that accommodate a start-ups budget and allows them to get up and running. Please contact me to learn more

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